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Frederick Memorial Hospital Brands MediFlag Booklet

2 SEP 2008

The MediFlag booklet was put into immediate use at Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) last month. Harry Grandinett, Director of Marketing and Communications for FMH, was introducing the new language translation product to the nursing staff. His last stop was the intensive care unit.

“If I hadn’t been there at that moment with MediFlag, I don’t know what they would have done,” Grandinett said. A patient was suffering from severe intestinal pain and could not communicate in English. A doctor who spoke her native Korean was at least 45 minutes away from the hospital. Implementing the MediFlag booklet, the medical staff helped her point to phrases and diagnosed her quickly with kidney stones. She was already undergoing the proper treatment by the time her doctor arrived.

“It’s a testimonial to the usefulness of the product throughout the hospital. When you can’t communicate, it hampers your health care,” stated Grandinett. “MediFlag is a marvelous resource.”

Frederick Memorial Hospital has purchased 500 MediFlag booklets in Spanish to distribute to the surrounding community. Branded with their logo and an introductory bi-lingual message, FMH hopes to reach out to the diverse populations near the hospital. Their goal is to encourage non-English speaking citizens to take charge of their health care and to bring the MediFlag booklet with them for every medical encounter. FMH plans to distribute the booklets at community festivals when individuals come to their booth and sign up for critical medical screenings.

“We want people to understand the importance of health care for them, their family and their loved ones,” said Grandinett. “We want to put our patients at ease that we will be able to communicate and care for them.”